Raging War

June 27, 2011
My heart is full of peace
My mind is raging war
thoughts, through my head, soar
been through this so many times, but now its different than before
memories added up, remembering all the moments ive had in store
i wont be broken, because i do all that i can not to be depleted
carries those up, that haven't succeeded
because when i give it my all, i'm not easily defeated
Ive got my mindset to face occasion
my goal set high, my desire blazin
cant catch time because its always racin
so when my time is right, ill explode like a star
hit the dream, ive had, and go farther than far,
Speed past the problems like a racecar.
Life's gonna be a long road to drive down, im not running outta gas
Press the pedal down, and let all the drama pass
Turn the radio on and let the music blast
Take the time to catch the realization
Living in a world, full of temptation
Given this heart and mind, im set already, no need for rehabilitation
When everything is dark in my day
Theres always a light guiding my way
My heads always up, no matter what people say.

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