June 26, 2011
Brother, Brother hear me suffer
When the days of the summer are owned by the gunners.
Teenagers playing basketball,
Mothers afraid to get that call.

Rest In Peace signs on every block,
The lives of young ones taken by a glock.
Today's the day we pray for a ray of light,
Hoping that one day everything will be alright.

Sitting waiting for our meal and you hear pop pop pop,
What happened to the days when it was safe to eat at the pizza shop.
All this has made our town come to a dead stop,
When we aren’t even sure if it makes a difference to call a cop.

Your life was taken by a stray bullet,
No one wanted you to leave, no not yet.
I look up to you when it comes to accomplishing a great task,
Now all I see are drunks with a pocket flask.

Brother, Brother hear me suffer,
When the days of the summer are owned by the gunners.
No one was able to save you,
But now I’m growing up to be as brave as you

Killer these days with a crave for young blood,
Most for the reasons of a small amount of bud.

In dedication to my late brother Franklin Monteiro
Rest In Peace 11-29-82 to 11-07-04

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