An Unheard Scream is Still a Scream

June 26, 2011
I don't mean to make you feel like you're just filling my emptiness.
Like you're only here for my benefit.
Is the emptiness really that big?

If you opened me up,
You'd find an ocean size nothingness.
What is left of me might stand in the middle,
Open armed.
But not even close to armed.

I could probably stand in the middle of a bustling sidewalk,
And scream.
Do you think anyone would hear me?
I have long passed climbing the impeccable mountain.
The trouble is getting down.

I do not mean to make it so obvious.
So blatantly positive that I need help, but not from you.
Because, if you tried to help me,
The guilt would come back in a sopping wet mess.
Because, you don't deserve to have to fix something you didn't break.

I refuse to admit that I cannot handle this.
Because, I've handled it before...
Haven't I?
Or was it you that handled it?
Could you please just come back and handle this?
Because I think it might be too much for me.

An unheard scream is still a scream.
A tree still falls even if no one watched it fall.
I could spend my whole life building myself back up,
Brick by brick.
But, you know me.
And I would just take myself down again.

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