Our Inner Selves

June 26, 2011
By RikkiMH BRONZE, Douglasville, Georgia
RikkiMH BRONZE, Douglasville, Georgia
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We have never really fit in anywhere.
We are all different.
Some of us like sports and then some of us prefer theatre arts.
Some of us are pretty and some of us are smart.
Some of us have a ton of friends and then some of us do not have any at all.
It’s a hard thing, whenever one of us must make a decision that could make us fall.
We don’t want to be made fun of for choosing the right choices, but we also don’t want to choose the wrong one and end up on an evil path.
We have learned over the years that the only true way to happiness is through Him, our creator.
We call him many things such as God, Lord, or Father.
When we go through hard times or through easy times.
Through sad times or through happy times.
He is always there for us.
And we have never really fit in anywhere.
We are all different.
But even if we make a bad decision or quarrel with others, our God will always forgive us.
He knows our differences, and loves us no matter what.

The author's comments:
This poem represents the different parts of our own lives and minds that we must overcome sometimes to make sure we do what is right for God.

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