Muddy Stars

June 26, 2011
By Perennialdreamer BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Perennialdreamer BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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~The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Distant kites swim in the silky sky.
Bottles of messages wash away in the tidal waves.
Autum leaves fall away, leaving a frozen oak tree in place.
The house we once tendered, and built with our very own hands,
Turns into melancholy dust,
And drifts away in the aching wind.
We watch, hand in hand,
As our planet of dreams flies away like a free bird.
Torn pictures, broken branches, and muddy stars.
The things we hold most dear always fade away,
Turn into something shattered and sail away.
Monsoons into hurricanes and love into hate,
We are all broken, that is our fate.
Into the moon we gaze with solemn faces,
Hoping that someone will put our dreams in a jar,
Keep them safe even if we are scarred,
But we are too hopeless,
Even the heavens don’t cry a storm for our hearts.

The author's comments:
Basically I am coming to a realization that as humans we have become selfish and lost sight of true beauty in this world. This poem is about our loss of belief in hope, and how we have forgotten the value of true emotions. Whenever I look at the stars I am reminded once again of the power in dreams and hope.

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