This House Is Not My Home

June 25, 2011
I step inside, the wood floors creak
Eerie silence no one speaks.
The draft in the room sends chills down my spine
And I hear the haunting melodies of the patio wind chime.
Unfamiliar and dark, this house is not my home
Do my parents really expect me to sleep upstairs all alone?
I tip toe up the steps, my body tense with fear
Paranoia sets in, ghostly voices I hear.
Every dark shadow shakes me to the core
Every sound startles me, like a lion’s roar.
I tell my parents the house is haunted but they dismiss me and carry on
What do they see in this place? It feels all wrong.
The dark narrow hallways
The rickety stairs
The basement door that whispers “Enter if you dare.”
I’m dreading tonight when my parents go to sleep
Then it’s just the ghosts and I, my soul to keep.

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