One person truth or dare

June 20, 2011
By QueenMinni GOLD, Newyork, New York
QueenMinni GOLD, Newyork, New York
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No im not a FREAK but im jus UNIQUE and nomatter what any1 else tells me i kno 4ever in my heart that i am BEAUTIFUL-MINNI
take me 4 who i am or dont take me atall at the end its ur loss i can find a million people like u but theres only one me-MNNI

Unable to breath,gasping for air
Playing a 1 person truth or dare
Taking the gun while the going gets tough
Trying to get through the bad,the rough
Feeling short air seep through your lung
A little to ready to pull the trigger of the gun
It was a wrong change in direction,thinking something new
Trying hard to look for a different path
Waiting for the next painful aftermath
Gasping for air when you're out of breath
But why even try if looking forward to death?
Why the world spins,why the sky is blue?
Why i thought i would always be with you
Tears dotting the paper on which you write your last goodbyes
Feeling the pain hiding behind your eyes
Blurry vision and gathering thoughts
Trying to remember what you have been taught
Broken hearts come easily to the ones who are weak
Or the ones who have most memories,keeping them as antiques
Gasping for air and taking the gun
Common situation,to death, the end is looking fun
Doing what you can to prevent suicide hints
Trying hard to remove your hearts dents
Facing the truth seems like the final stand
Knowing the truth will get him damned
Breathing doesn't seem necessary at a time like this
Hoping that to some one,you will be missed

The author's comments:
another one from the past

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