It's too late now...

June 25, 2011
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I used to stare at the spotless sky
Try to decipher the clouds that go by
I used to sit upon the lush green hill
I never thought it would get this bad
“It never will”
Yet that little statement was never really pondered upon
Because here I am standing on this blackened lawn
I stand upon stubble where my favorite hill used to be
Was this what the rest of the world would look like?
Is this what it would come to be?
The once clear blue sky
Is now a fishbowl of black
Is this what we wanted to see?
Now we wish time could go back
But can’t you see all of this could have been changed?
If we really had put their voice into gage
You see the speakers on the side of the road
Shouting and foretelling of the future implode
See we had a chance
We had our time
Now take another glance
And look at the sky
It’s black promise of nothingness tears out our heart
But those speakers on the side of the road
New it would tear us apart
Shouldn’t we have listened?
Shouldn’t we have tried?
But all of this now is the critical truth
Surely not a lie
Our choices are like a gun’s trigger
And we point them to our heart
We trust ourselves to not pull it
So our world doesn’t fall apart
But too bad, it’s too late
Maybe this was just fate
Oh well, beggers can’t be choosers
So this is what we get
Now we’re the losers

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