Strength of the Violated

June 25, 2011
By Sophh SILVER, Dickinson, North Dakota
Sophh SILVER, Dickinson, North Dakota
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Young, but wasn’t dumb.
I knew what you did,
But why to a helpless kid?
Why were you so sick,?
Left with the memory of your ****.
& Its never forgotten,
our relationship went so rotten.
You were like family, we took you in.
But you messed up, yeah you sinned!
It only made me stronger,
but that doesn’t make
you any less wronger.
In my mind I do forgive you,
& maybe god still won’t forbid you..
& “Everything happens for a reason“, so we’re told.
But why do people have to be so damn cold?
And now that you’re older, I wonder if you grew
even colder. And It’s sick that you never got in trouble,
& that memory isn’t a bubble, It’s not something you can just pop
& it’ll go away, but believe or not
I’m still okay.
Do I always think of it,? No way.
Do I completely blame you?
No I don’t, I won’t.
Because I think the experiences you’ve had
in your life affect the way you were back then,
but that still isn’t an excuse for your sick sin.
But I can definitely say I feel bad for you,
Because that was one big shame on you!
& I don’t want no ones pitty,
I just want to continue living my life
in this little city,
& You would never guess it happened to me,
So when you read this, it’ll really open your eyes &
make you see,
That any one who shares this experience, can be
strong like me.

The author's comments:
This writing is inspired by my own experience when I was younger. I hope people will learn not to let things like this bring them down, and that the best thing they can do is move forward with their life, and know that what ever has happened to them is not there fault. Bad things happen to the best of us, but we can not let that
slow us down, you can either let the bad things make you, or break you, it is your choice.

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