Feelings at a time of Low

June 25, 2011
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I don't feel alone, I am alone, feeling weak like I'm breaking bones. & This isn't a phase,not cuz how I was raised, it's just life's *****y ways& you ain't gunna make me believe Ima be okay, cuzs there's just no way. I believed once, & one tI'me too many, people ain't worth s***, not even a god damn penny. You think I'm crazy cuz you don't see it how I see it, well be ****ing glad cuz you don't wanna be it. Don't trust no one cuz you'll get ****ed over and it won't be fun cuz you ain't gotta place to run. Boom, your dead, not a trace but it doesn't matter anyways cuz you were just a face,on this ****ed up place, keep up with the pace cuz if you fall behind you better step back in line, cuz they'll leave ya cold, with no place to go, you'll be wantin that blow just to keep holding on, but you can only be so strong for so long til you're all gone & used up, someone finally lit the fuse up& finally you blow up, just like last nights throw up, from that binge *** drinking, that you did just to stop the thinking. Drinking alone or not it doesn't matter, cuz my hearts already shattered. Life leads you no where but dead, so **** you all who say ur a "friend".

I strive for one thing & that's the end,

the end of the sadness & this madness,

There's one way out& one way only,

&It won't affect you, cuz

*You don't even know me*

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