Lonely Darkness

June 25, 2011
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My favorite time used to be when it was dark
But now the dark only brings loneliness
And something about being alone isn't comforting
No longer is it a peaceful thing
Being alone in the dark only brings on an empty ache
So on flicks the TV
An okay replacement for actual humans
At least the soothing sound of human voices drifts from it
A couple of hours pass and off it goes
In the silence that follows the aching loneliness squeezes even tighter
With a sigh my body crawls into bed
My mind resigned to the loneliness
But to my surprise baby Tipsy jumps up and curls up to me
A smile is brought by her small meow
She burrows under the blankets and lays down
A grateful smile appears
And I am no longer so alone in the dark

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