This is who I am

June 25, 2011
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I am Invincible and I am Incredible.

I have a smile, and I have a frown

I am Imperfect, as much as I am Perfect.

I am as Selfish and I am giving.

I am as nice as I am a jerk.

I am As Willing as I am as Stubborn.

I am as popular as I am a nerd.

I am an outcast as much as I fit in.

I am a Freak as much as I am normal

I am as Psychotic as I am sane.

I am Loved as much as I am Rejected.

I am as Hopeful as much as I doubt.

I am as Neglected as I am thought of.

I am as Hated as I am adored.

I am as Famous as I am invisble.

I am me as I am someone else.

I am as broken as I am whole.

I am as miserable as I am happy.

I am As colorful as I am black and white.

I am as Beautiful as much as I am seen ugly.

I am Myself as much as I don't think I am.

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