Can she?

June 25, 2011
By Vampgirl13 BRONZE, Wheaton, Minnesota
Vampgirl13 BRONZE, Wheaton, Minnesota
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Lolz not an emotional one but... "When life throws you lemons, throw them back and say I wanna cookie!!!"

A secret kept.
She wants to share but he feels he can’t.
A young boy scared from the past,
A girl scared of the future.
Come together for comfort.
Can she get past his barriers?
Can she earn his trust?
One question that dances inside.
Can she get him to love her as she loves him?
She wonders what she does wrong.
How she could be the same as the one that damaged him?
Is it love that he does not want?
Is that why she is wrong?
She cries in the night for her failed attempts,
She can’t be right for him if she’s the same as her.
She has no desire to lose him,
Though she feels she never had him.
A tear falls as she realizes this
She takes a deep breath and dries eyes.
She’ll thrive in the small time she has before he tells her,

The author's comments:
This piece is actually about me and my boyfriend. He had a terrible experience in his last relationship and I wish to be the one to help him heal him. But I feel I am doing something wrong. I feel as if he fears love again and I am not helping by loving him. to my dismay I feel I may lose him.

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