When I Was Young

June 25, 2011
By Bucket GOLD, Hayward, California
Bucket GOLD, Hayward, California
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Favorite Quote:
" We carry guitar cases full of phobias hoping to turn fear into our strongest instrument.- Rudy Francisco

Today I'm going to
hang up my pride
in a tool shed of
mixed-matched equipment.
Although there is
no eyeliner to run
down my cheek,
I will not be ashamed.
I refuse to hide
what I can't admit
due to what they'll say,
what they'll think,
what they'll do.
I am a human being
at times.

Defensive tactics aren't
always the right choice,
especially when you're
trying to score.
And your team,
they're all in uniform,
skill-wise too.
Your opposers only
need one hand to
count the times that
you miscalculated your
You over-stepped the
boundary line that shocked
your heart, but you took it
as an extreme jump start to influence you to continue.
You've always been wrong, no one had the dignity
to tell you because it wouldn't
be accepted anyways.

I'm going to hang
my pride up in that childhood tree house I always wanted.
That's where I left you,
so that's where you stay.
Time stood as still as the
swings that decided to rust
as soon as I outgrew them.
You were there, but never noticed that though.
We existed in two different
worlds and in the same room.
Our interests so opposite,
they were similar at about
this age.
This is my fault, I grew up
too fast, but I didn't know it
at the time.
I didn't know you weren't
ready, so I'll squeeze out
every ounce of my pride
and apologize.

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