Granny's House

June 24, 2011
Childhood remembrances are like the sun's rays,
Peeking out from the cloudy sky,
Warming your heart,
Even for a moment,

I remember Granny's smile the most,
Her weathered face crinkling,
As the corners of her mouth turn up,
Her happiness reaching all the way to her eyes,
Making them glitter,
Most people don't smile with everything they've got,
But Granny did,

I remember the old creaky gate,
In front of my house,
Guarding us with its rusted armor,
Every time its mouth creaked,
The whole neighborhood paused for a moment,

I remember closing my eyes at night,
Not even wanting to go to sleep,
Wanting the fun to stay for a while longer,

I miss the old days.

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