First Kisses and The Ending

June 24, 2011
Nothing to do,
But sit and stare,
At your chameleon eyes,

Nothing is left behind,
But my textbook,
And my math class,
While in this unimaginable haven,

My thoughts are content,
Nervousness radiates through my body,
I can't help but laugh,
At this forbidden dream,
About to come true,

The first attempt,
I fumble,
And fail miserably,
The second attempt,
A dare is done,
The legend is seen,
And I retreat back to my chair,

I must do something,
I have you in my grasp,
While the outside world waits,
And my wildest dream unfolds,

What the hell,

You move closer,
Waiting for my next move,
Thinking of what could happen,

I swallow my fear,
And tumble into your lap,
You note my clumsiness,
And how I almost deflated the legend,
I'm the perfect fit,

Your hand rests on my thigh,
My lips search for yours,
And the sound of victory echoes,

I nestle my head against yours,
My cheek against your ear,
As I figure out what to do next,

I start playing with your ear,
With my lips,
Moving to your temple,

This time better than the last,
Our lips find each other,
My breath tasting yours,
Your hand under my shirt,
Fondling my side.
Inching towards my waistband,
Almost sliding under,

Until I notice,

Maybe next time,

This moment doesn't last forever,
The outside world comes to mind,
Our bodies pull apart,
Yet our connection doesn't,
Because our compatibility will never falter,

One last embrace,
We part,
And go our separate ways,
My legs barely walking,
More like floating,
You continue your routine,
Like nothing happened,
I wonder,
You answer,
And it's over,

Yet the outside world couldn't let it happen again.

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