June 24, 2011
Smug look on my face,
Jeggings slick on my legs,
Nothing on my mind,
But the task at hand,

The sliding doors let down their guard,
Produce surrounds me,
The smell of wealth tickles my nose,
Cautious smiles welcome me,
I reach my destination,
The refrigerated section,

Two plastic boxes now occupy my hands,
Sharp edges cut into my palms,
My heartbeat races more with each step,
As I slink to the frozen section,

The employed startles me,
I glance down at his clipboard and pen,
He's taking inventory,

I turn on my charm,
A smile spreads across my face,
As I back out,
And turn away from suspicion,

I slip into the stationary asile,
Unzip my weathered bag,
And slide the evidence in,

Something catches the corner of my eye,
Black and white
My heart bangs against my ribcage,
Wanting out,

I wheel out,
Eyes skittering for an exit,
I spot the refrigerated section once again,

A strawberry soda now cools my palm,
As I tumble in to the shortest line,
Every alarm sounding off in my mind,

The lady takes too long,
I walk off towards the bakery,
Skidding into the florist section,
Desperate for a way out,

I scamper towards the produce section,
The employed notes my escape,
I swish around,
And face authority,

I'm caught red-handed,
The plastic boxes that furnished my bag,
Now in the hands of the authority,

I start to blubber,
My mind searching for an answer,
I got nothing,
But a bench in the hallway upstairs,
And a police officer on the way,

I try to reason,
But I just go nowhere,
I'm stuck with disgusted stares,
And my overwhelming guilt,

I stare at the clothed man in various shades of blue,
As he takes down my information,
Thank God my record is clean,

I can't think,
Or smile,
All I can do,
Is sit and wait,
I'm not booked,
But saved by the parents,
Not free,
But simply,


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