June 24, 2011
By , Linden, Guyana
Back slammed into the wall
Leaning forward to steal the kiss
A wet, wild kiss
Clinging onto my waistline
In a steamy, sweaty embrace

Only sounds of panting can be heard
Rapidly breathing in and out
The hot air that circulated the room

Tension increased
The sweet affection reaching its climax
Manifold hormones secreting in and around our bodies

Then he bit me
Sweetly and sensually
It was nostalgic

He carefully maneuvered his hands
Around the contours of my body
He sensed my yearning to be touched
To be held, so close
As a sleeping child hugs his blanket

And as we cuddled
He whispered those charming words in my ear
I looked at him in awe

With arms interlocking each other
And his toned body over mine
We slumbered deeply
Until the morning light

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