I Remember

June 24, 2011
By Christine Alexander BRONZE, Davis, California
Christine Alexander BRONZE, Davis, California
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I remember the inexplicable awe at the sight of a formation of militant geese, their wings creaking mechanically as their sharp V cut a swatch in a golden autumn sky.

I remember the joyful simplicity of shiny, red rubber rain boots and the sense of beauty and purpose flowing upwards from my toes as I dabbled in puddles with the curiosity of an amateur painter.

I remember the mysterious chestnut spice cabinet that gleamed of polished wood and exotic aroma.

I remember the familiar and reassuring smell of vanilla Christmas cookies dotted with sugary sprinkles glowing like stained glass.

I remember the cold, icy sliver of a scissor’s blade gently brushing my neck and the tickle of hair in my nose when my mother cut my thick, scraggly locks.

I remember the oddly sensual split in the pink bleeding heart flower that descended into an infinite world of precision and delicacy.

I remember the taunting sight of bold, black words marching neatly across the pages of book I could not read, spelling out entire worlds I desperately longed to make my own.

I remember the angry pain of hair knotted thickly with indomitable pine sap.

I remember my unconcealed delight at the sight of a fat gray squirrel’s small black eyes winking down at me with an anxiety I could not quite identify.

I remember the pleasant enlightenment gained by sucking from a brightly colored sippy cup with worldly satisfaction.

I remember the uncontrollable fear and deference to the blue-white bolts of lightning that streaked across the tumultuous summer night.

I remember the odd pity for a tiny garden snail who recoiled so violently when prodded with a twig.

I remember the adoration for the perfect baby cottontails who lined our gravel drive, still, silent sentries noticeable only when their small white, tails betrayed them.

I remember the hilarity of watching twenty tadpoles cluster fearfully together in a far corner of their tank while my mother ran the electric coffeemaker.

I remember the sweet promise of hot chocolate after a walk

I remember vindictive rush gained by staring at the blazing midday sun for the sole pleasure of disobeying my parents, its shape a painful green ghost branded to the inside of my eyelids when I squeezed them shut.

I remember the sad confusion at the sight of a dead blackbird, a lonely and troublesome figure on the patio stones.

I remember the peaceful acknowledgment of life in its entirety as an evening dove’s soft song reverberated in the warm, summer air.

I remember the sense of accomplishment and unbridled happiness achieved from leaping onto a two-foot high concrete wall.

I remember the soft touch of pebbles beneath the lake’s cool surface and the astonishment at seeing my small fingers encrusted with tiny white bubbles.

And I remember cold rubber rim of an eyepiece pressing painfully into my skin as I stared at the radiant rings of Saturn through my father’s telescope…

The author's comments:
A composition comprised of the vivid images and feelings that stand out in the memories of my childhood. The format was modeled loosely on an early passage in Richard Wright's Black Boy.

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