June 23, 2011
I’ve wrapped a tourniquet around my brain
I feel sublime; this endless pain.
Time sits at the front of my mind
Your vivid blue eyes: playback, rewind.
I’ve paused my mind so I’ll always remember
Just how your angelic face smiled- then and forever.
People scream “time to heal” but what they don’t know
Is that you cannot escape my mind
When my brain can’t grow.
The cloth plows in deeper, blood blocked by you
Pulsating, beat after beat, golden shade of blue.
It hurts to have this here but it’d be worse if it weren’t so
Because healing means forgetting
And to forget means letting go.
Blood dances to my feet,
Real blood this time.
As the tree branch slashes my insensitive legs-
Daggers of a pine
I hope you couldn’t feel this tree. I hope you didn’t know you bled.
I hope your mind never knew when it was consumed by red.
I hope it didn’t hurt you.
I hope you skipped right to the clouds.
I hope you never heard the way your scream
Consumed the sounds.

Being hurt means you were real.
My mind will refuse to heal.

I’ve wrapped a tourniquet around my brain
I feel sublime, this endless pain.

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