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June 23, 2011
By Mr.Hughes BRONZE, Coeburn, Virginia
Mr.Hughes BRONZE, Coeburn, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"this earthly plain is no more than heaven and hell combine for one big freak show"

My heart doesn't have the ability to hate but these hands have the ability to murder these eyes do not judge but this voice corrupts this hair has been died, cut, and ripped out but still it grows these feet have walked many roads but they do not grow tired this mind wages wars of good and evil but good always prevails these muscles are used rarely but they never fail this skin has been slashed, scarred, broken, and inked but it always heals this stomach has dissolved many pills but still I stand this liver is corroded from the alcohol but still it functions these lungs have been filled with smoke but still I breathe my soul is some what broken but still strives for greatness this love I hold for her seems unreal but still it exists for her and her alone this home is cold and empty but still I hear the voices these words may be unseen and unheard but still I know they are there . . . I am the weak and I am the strong I am the wind and I am the rain I am the snow and I am the sleet I am the thunder and I am the lightning I am the sun and I am the moon I am the stars and I am the universe I am human and I am beast I am the worst and I am the best I am cursed and I am blessed I am a god and I am a devil I am good and I am evil I cry and I laugh I scream and I whisper but one thing you should all remember . . . I am strong don't test me I am wise ask me I am smart don't second guess me I am Jericho respect me.

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