June 23, 2011
times are strange somethings changed the wind doesnt blow like it did or I’M LOSEING MY ******* MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....pills giving me chills i feel like a chalk board with this dust in my nose it tickles you stright to ur toes doing to much is better tha doing to little i feel as if love and addiction are riping me down the middle saying prayers to he who is not there take a stare look into these eyes and see the life of a monster trying to break free from its human household this world has came to be so cold WE ALL CRAVE SYMPATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! breathe in and out and turn your head in a round about view look at the world around you wars and dieing brain cells frying its all ending with everything that took place in the beginning **** YOU, BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!......millions of people sit and wait they wonder why this had to happen on there time fearing for the worst only the wise know that this race is cursed WHATS THE ******* POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when the meaning of life gets blurry remember this we only find true meaning in the darkest depths of our fury when our minds convulse for one split second we begin to reckon with the powers and meanings locked inside our heart still yet the drugs in our mind slowly confine us to our own little cages

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