My Reflection

June 23, 2011
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For clarification of my reflection
I write bout the currents of my life
Good, bad, wrong or right
Both blessings and strife
I encounter mountain obstacles
Cause my will refuses to walk aside
Which tests my strength to climb
It’s during these days,
That my reflection clarifies
Yet, there’s question to defy
Who am I?

Silent, the mirror stands
Stoic, without joy or fright
And to intervene, I wouldn’t even try
The reflection staring back, hesitates to reply
Suddenly, releasing a sigh, it says
“I know this image no more
And unfortunately, it I deny
Can’t you see?
That you’ve lost identity?”

So, ashamed I am
My soul denies reality
And my spirit begins to cry
But still I'm left in question:
How could I?

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RosePetal519 said...
Jul. 12, 2011 at 8:55 pm
I love your poem! We all look in the mirror at ourselves everyday, but you captured the times that we look and we actually have to SEE ourselves.  So inspiring.
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