Most Important Emotion

June 23, 2011
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An emotion expressed for grief
Or even love, joy, and relief
But it could mean more
It could be beyond feelings
Maybe I’m takin’ this too deep
But someone’s gotta speak
That there is more to an emotion
Than what we chose to see

What is this emotion?
What does it really mean?
How does it connect to (Christian) belief?

It’s passion that reasons everything
And to not remember is to not believe
So to be in such a state is to not have faith
Because it’s deeper than the tears within the forgotten’s eyes
More meaningful than a man’s pride
And far more important than a woman’s size

It was more than 2,000 years ago
A soul more than man
Hung on a tree, on Mount Calvary
And innocently died
His heart so purified;
No worries, no pride
Yet in the midst of it all
He expressed an emotion
More painful than the pierce of His side
It’s what suffices,
It’s what justifies

No, I wasn’t there
And neither were you
But as sinners our spirits once were
And we left as believers
And there are many who have yet to encounter
And there are many who will never
But let us remember
Our Lord, our Savior
Now and forever

Let us cast away the commotions
Of everyday life
Because nothing will ever be more important
Than the emotions of Christ;
His selflessness, His sacrafice
But the most deep of all;
The tears that welled within His eyes,
As He stared into Heaven
“It is finished,” was all He said
In the take of His last breath
His spirit left Him without regrets
Not even the unmeasurable costs
Of His children’s debt

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