I Hear You in the Bells

June 23, 2011
By vida; BRONZE, Sacramento, California
vida; BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I hear the bells like I heard you tell me I’d be okay
You held me in your arms when you told me that you couldn’t stay
But I was too headstrong to listen to anyone that cold, winter night
My mind was a broken clock, and I couldn’t even put up a fight

And so I lost my opportunity to tell you goodbye
How many times did I wish I could turn back the time
I finally forgave myself, though it took me quite a while
And I’m thankful for the memories that were as unforgettable as your smile

You taught me how to live and I’m stronger ‘cause of you
I learned to put my wrath aside and I’ve come out anew
Oh, the raging rivers we had to cross to get to where we are
But for you nothing was too difficult and no distance was too far

Sometimes you were as firm and as stubborn as a wall
But the way you lived your life was an inspiration to all
So I want to thank you once last time for the gift you gave to me
I live life to the fullest and I see how great this world can be

I hear the bells whisper that I’ll be okay
And for once in my life, I truly hear what they’re trying to say

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