I was raised abusive

June 23, 2011
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I was raised by..
Long walks without much turns...
Bad languages, screaming..
"Get out," heard it too much,
you would want to die..
Kind of abusive...

Hurtful words, threats,
bad injuries, shouting names
Pathetic cries, and awful meaningless shame.
Sorta abusive...

Bloody fists, red faces...
Hiding, and harmful places...
Scary memories, depressing memories..
Type of abusive memories..

Punched walls,lonely talks,
Up,down the road, I walk.
Tears drip, rain falls,
Another punch, black eye.
"I love you," yeah another lie.
Yeah totally abusive...

Fake laughs,crooked smiles.
With a imagination beyond miles.
Broken arm, broken hopes.
Hit one more try, and ties the ropes.
Kind of broken..

"Your this, and that.."
Confused mind, "Where am I at?"
Kisses without meaning.
Another someone leaving.
Type lonely.

Ruined kid, stabbed heart,
Shatter mirror, another broken part..
Missing pieces,selfness without repair,
Death and smoke surrounded in the air.
Sorta fiction..

Fights, no focus and no sleep.
Reached the rusty knife real deep.
Pulls hair,kicks leg.
Throws here, and smashes there.
So I went to bed.
More torture, more disrespect,
No resistance, more pain.
More cuts,, and nothing to gain.
Oh yeah, completely without a doubt abusive.

I was raised abusive...

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