things never add up

June 23, 2011
By Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
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close mouth don't get feed

back away
come back but to never return from life of fallin and fallin
downgo the head with weights marching to the end of life like a stop signs on the road, clean but always fade to be clean like MR. clean
go see ahead to the light which is darken by you seeking to destroy
in out, in out you think it's da same
jump start from nurse to doctor
kind no
'learn, learn' coach said
make me see what i see from a distance
looking through an invisible wall like ghost on halloween
never more cold hearted, but forever more cold
open the door, who got the key
pause, freeze, frame it, let's add more that forever more questing on a quest never be returning to a problem like two minus one
subtracting, getting sums and adding aghain
taking one breathe and short of two breathe but undergoing life like car accidents on highway 69
victory to see sunshine knowing of the unkown
witness true love passiung by but never leaving to be
x's out like you going nowhere
yellow on looking like true beauty walking so add, subtract move up move down
to zero lets go back but never again backing away

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