last words to the world

June 23, 2011
when i go to a land far beyond the stars, i leave with no tears
gone to the wind as if my name was a whisper like whristle being blowing softly
whristling like a song that was meant for you to cry
farther and farther in a close door for when i leave cry for not i cry but cry for my dry tears as if it was a desert storm
for i cry the song of no songs
signless to a beat chase from the corner to the center like a corner shot striaght to the middle
why cry look up for i may smile upon you
cry for not that i cry but cry for all the broken dreams i have like six broken glasses
don't cry for my mom is not here to cry with you when i was chasing hope that was never there like you think somebody is behind you but never was there
this is my last words to the world

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