June 22, 2011
I can only see that it could be you. I can only imagine it being you. For every second I think about you, i know it is you. You are the one I love. Forever I'll love you. My heart beats strange without you. I think you are the one for me, but obviously we're not ment to be. Please kiss me, just once. I will give my heart to you. When I met you, I came to life; but now i just cut with some dull knife. I hope to fall into a dark place, and never be found. I am home bound. I want to be filled with joy and happiness, but my life has no room for such. It;s a cold, dark place hear; it is only tempary my dear. I know you hear. It is over and done. I'm sorry my love, what I caused , caused so much. Now I must leave. I will love you forever.

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