June 22, 2011
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When the f*** are you
going to grow up? I think
we’re all tired of babying you.
Last time I checked
only deadbeats stayed home
for college. It’s not like
we don’t have money,
you’re just going nowhere.
Yeah I though you had some ability
to make something of your life
but you proved me wrong.
I all of the beliefs that I had in you
are gone. You are a waste of
space. You are a waste of
s****. The world wouldn’t be
at a loss without you. You
contribute nothing to this world.
I don’t get why anyone ever
wasted their time with you.
Maybe you should just stop lying to
the rest of us. We all know you aren’t
doing anything with your life. Quit
wasting mommy’s money and
just fess up. You have no one
fooled but yourself.
Admit it.
I have tried to have faith in you,
but you always do something stupid.
I’m tired of your insults.
You call me a b**** and I’m just supposed
to take it.
You say I’m fat and I’m just supposed
to take it.
Well I’m done. I’m not some b****
you mess with on the side.
I am you little sister. You are supposed
to support me. You are supposed
to protect me from those insults. Keep spewing
your insults, Jason. Just remember them when
you need something from me. Remember them
so you can understand why I say no.
I am not going to feel pity for you any more.
You’re a big boy and you will learn
that your family is all you have. You don’t
seem to understand that. You only care about
your friends and how they view you.
So if insulting me makes you feel like a man,
pretend to be a man because any real
man would know that it doesn’t matter
what people think. It only matters
what you think.

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