Nowhere Man

June 22, 2011
By RebSimm14 BRONZE, Lyon, Other
RebSimm14 BRONZE, Lyon, Other
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It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.

I walk slowly in the middle of the crowd
As time fast-forwards, and people run to and fro
In the rushing sea of earth-bound fish that is life
Can you spot the difference?

Flocks of birds return to their nests in the evening
And leashes of foxes leave their dens at night
But I have no place to rest my head
There is no shelter for this urban gypsy

“Vagrant!” screams the lady watering her plants
“Bum!” yells the old man on his rocking chair on the front porch
“Parasite!” a bitter youth spits out as he meanders the high street
“Good guess, but that’s not who I am” I tell them each time

“Where are you from?” I have been asked before
Do they want the long answer or the short answer to that?
The truth would be “I come from many places”
But instead I opt for the simple one, because the truth only leads to more questions.

Being a wanderer sounds like a nice occupation
After all, you get to meet a lot of interesting people
But the company never lasts, and it hurts to say farewell
So I go for the next best thing and say, “See you later”

Search far and search wide
As hard as you can
You’ll never find me
I’m the Nowhere Man

The author's comments:
I was looking for magazines in Englad that published short stories and poetry, when I came across one that was looking for poems about isolation. Although I haven't submitted any of my work to be published, I still thought of continuing my poem.

I tried to make the whole poem rhyme at first, but eventually I gave up and made only the last stanza rhyme (rhyming poetry was never my strongest suit).

The poem is inspired by a lot of things in my life:

The lonliness of my last two years of high school

The feeling of being out of place as a person with dual nationality who lived in two different countries (born in the Phillippines, lived in Egypt, currently in England)

My own tendency to enjoy solitude and to wander around from place to place just to be alone.

Not to mention the number of transient relationships I have had with people who I probably will never see again.

I'm not sure how well it turned out, but comments and suggestions are welcome.

Let me know what you think, and hope you enjoy it!

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