Inocence of Childhood

June 25, 2011
Sometimes long to be a child
with the wool still pulled over my eyes
a place where the worst of things are as dangerous as flies
the place of of so much innocence
where nothing seems to die
a place where there is no reason to hide

But I've been taking out of that solitude
I've been forced into this world
a place unlike the other
i wish i had another
this world of things where i am all and alone
i don't have a light to be shown
this place that i live
has taught what i know
it has had many lessons to show

But its no world of peace
with all this death and destruction
its a wonder I'm still sane
unlike the last world of mine
where the differences what made us shine
here it just adds to the grime
whether it a land or a thing
the difference is always judged
no matter what after there hate wont budge
so if your different
you better hide it quick
because they'll beat you with a stick

I'm the ripe old age of 14
might as well be a grumpy old man grumbling how fate dealt him an unfair hand

But I'm more fortunate than others
i still have a somewhat peaceful family
that's more than others have
i could be a man with no home
and probably live there life alone
but with this negativity all around
its brought my soul to the ground
its making its whimpering sound

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Lola_Black said...
Jul. 11, 2011 at 7:08 pm
"So if your different, you better hide it quick because they'll beat you with a stick..." I've found that it helps to carry around a metaphorical gun for these situations. When your different, there is no hiding.
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