Searching For Something

June 22, 2011
Have you ever looked for someone but couldn’t find them?
Have you ever lost something and couldn’t find it?
Have you ever wondered where you belonged?
Do you really fit in?
Have you ever thought there was something better beyond what you can see?
Have you ever felt like leaving the world you know behind to find that place?
To find a world much lighter and brighter
But in reality, you’re just trying to find yourself
Have you ever dreamed a dream but could never achieve it?
A passion but could not complete it?
Have you tried to leave but didn’t know where to go?
Started a journey and never finished it?
So your dream began to die
Out of your mind
Your mind collapsed into itself
You began to accept your fate
Leaving all hopes, dreams, passions, behind
To get sucked back into the world you started with
Of unfulfilled desires
You return to a daily routine
Of hoping, dreaming, and wishing
Dreaming of leaving this world behind
To search for the perfect one
Search for something

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Lola_Black said...
Jul. 11, 2011 at 7:16 pm
Yes, I feel that exact same way every second of every day. That, my friend, is the feeling of being different and having so much to offer to a world that won't except it. It's like having a treasure trove in a world that only excepts credit.
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