My Love For You

June 22, 2011
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I thought I could let you go
Turns out I can't live without you.
Thought I could get away from the madness you brought
Turns out I'm in love with the madness.
When I wanted to die
You were the one who pulled me through.
Once the medications started
You were right by my side
Whispering in my ear,
"Everything is gonna be okay."
I believed you.
I trusted you.
I didn't know how wrong you could be.
How wrong I could be.
The past and future
Blend together.
There is no yesterday.
There is no tomorrow.
There is only today.
There is only now.
I was blinded by a love that wasn't mutual.
You then crushed me.
I still loved you.
You built me back up, saying that you loved me too.
Our relationship was a roller coaster.
You continue to build me up
And break me down.
I'll always love you
For you are an addiction.
And and addiction needs fuel.
Even after the fuel stops being given
The fire will continue to burn
The flames will begin to dwindle
But they'll still be there.
My love for you will still be there.
It will never go away.
Perhaps it's only a lust now...
But I still feel the love for you to be near me.
For you to hold me.
For you to be by my side.
I love you.
I always have.
And I always will.

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