June 19, 2011
By kaasha BRONZE, Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts
kaasha BRONZE, Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."- Kurt Cobain


That look in your eye

Would make Hitler think he was loved

It sends shivers of pleasure throughout me

Knowing you’ve got so much love

That stare of yours

Erases every bad memory

Like a fresh coat of paint

On a warn-out wall

That look in your eyes

Casts away all my doubts

Purifies my heart

Nullifies my pain

That stare of yours

Keeps me from walking away

Keeps me from hitting you back

From leaving you behind

Oh, that captive looks of yours
That stare of yours
Makes me want to flyblind
That stare of yours
Made me stay for years


that look of yours
would make Hitler think he found his match?
how can you be so mean
its amazing how you can be so warm and lovely
and in a second,
makes the ice queen hang her head in shame.
I wonder if that’s good for your heart

all that switching around
takes a lot of training I bet
learning how to switch on and off like that.
that stare of yours
could cut trough steel,
even the mirror complains to me about the stare

I had to cover her in drapes.

that look in your eyes
can me make me fell like a queen

and in an instant make me fell like the stain on her dress.
That looks in your eyes
Can make me feel like the worst
And can make the worst feel like the best
That stare of yours
Oh, the ice in your eyes.
That look of yours
Makes me all depressed
Makes me want to hit you first
No one hears my cries
Though am dying inside

Dry/miracle of love

That looks in your eyes

Brings tears t my eyes

The depth of the loneliness

Makes the sea seem shallow

That stare of yours

Makes me think you’re beyond help

That maybe, love can’t heal your scars

The emptiness in your eyes

Reminds me of an abandon city

That looks in your eyes

Throws-out waves of sadness

I can’t help but crumble to the floor

And sob till I’m raw.

That stare of yours

Tells me you want to sob too
If only you knew how to let it out

That look in your eyes

Gives sadness a whole new meaning

That stare of yours

Is worst then a lost puppy’s eyes

But you will get through

You’ll see better days
That’s the miracle of love
Can save you one day
I know things might be gray now
But the miracle of love
You’ll be in awe of

that look in your eyes
takes me by surprise
one minute you were looking at me
and then at the sea
I thought you loved my beauty
you once said it was better then the sea’s
that stare of yours
scared me for years
how you treat me like I’m not there

you look straight through me with ease
you ignore my hurt expression
you ignore me
Hell, the pain and grief you cause me
you’d think I’d be gone by now

That look in your eye
The one you practice in front of the mirror
It rips me to shreds
Knowing you could just look away from me
Knowing you can see behind me

Without looking around me
Am tired of all this
Time to put it all behind
And move on with my life
Damn that stare of yours!

The author's comments:
assignment for class!

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