Brightest In the Flock

June 19, 2011
By Kadin BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
Kadin BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
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There are so many things
That one can achieve
But at the same time
There are many things that no one will ever accomplish

Your life is limited
Will you fulfill your dreams?
Fear the world?
Make a difference?
Cower inwardly, and sob externally?
Stand out?
Blend in so as not to be noticed?
Speak up and out?
Or will you be your only companion?

It is impossible to accomplish everything
And it is rather annoying as well
Knowing that you will never do all there is to do
One can only hope that when the opportunity,
To live on the edge,
Be known,
Live life completely,
Shows itself to you ,
That you will take it’s hand and hold on tight
Never regretting that you took another path in life
Maybe a path rarely traveled
Or hardly glanced at
It could be that your destiny
Is hidden away
Guarded by shrubs and leaves that cover the forest

If you wander stranded
Amongst others
That have found their destiny
Or are on the verge of being great
Then your destiny is one that hides
Amongst the shrubs and leaves that
Gather on the floor of the forest
It simply means you must search
Just a little harder than others
For your fate
No two destinies are alike
They vary
Like the people they are bound to
It is what makes you be the brightest flamingo in the flock
We are all human, the same
But different
To levels one could never begin to uncover

The author's comments:
I honestly can't say anything more about this poem, except for, I hope it speaks to you as it did for me, and you accept your path, regardless of where it leads you.

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