June 21, 2011
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have you ever thought about where mothers came from?

where mothers day came from too?
well i think i know
there were once too many angels in haeaven
so god sent some to earth!
he gave each and everyone a name with love and care
they were filled with love and beauty, they were helpful too!
and god called them MOTHERS!
but there was one angel that stayed behind
now she is the guardian angel to all mothers
but she noticed one little thing about them!
so she told god that they were leaking from their eyes
god said that those are called tears!
they behold the happiness and joy, but the also hold the sadness and frustration!
but that's normal for all
god told the angel that mothers often forget that they are beautiful and useful
god also said" so i want you to remind them once in a while that they are
so the angel said to god that she would make a happy day for them all, and it would be today may 9th
but, not only today but every year!
it will be called mother's day!
mothers are from above and love is too
mothers are love
god sent some angels down from heaven and called them mothers

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