A Broken Vow

June 21, 2011
By , Sturgis, MI
Dear Daddy,

I look up to you.
You make me smile when I want to cry.
Your hugs are magic.
You make me feel like a princess.
I love you.

Scratch that.

I used to look up to you.
You’re the reason I’m crying.
Your hugs make my skin crawl.
You make me feel like I’m not worth it.
I don’t hate you but I don’t love you, either.

You chose to abandon your family.
You chose to give up a woman who loves you.
You chose to throw it all away.

I can’t stand that your still here.
I can’t stand that she’s still fighting for you.
There isn’t anything you can do anymore.
You’ve ruined everything.

Now you’re just
A liar,
A cheater,
A different person.

You chose to give up when things got hard.
You chose not to think about the bigger picture.
You chose to ignore your responsibilities.

You made a vow.
You broke it.
For that,
I cannot forgive you.

Your baby girl.

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