June 21, 2011
By Anonymous

There is a secret forming
In the soul of the world
Twisting and burning and silently blooming
In the heart of the sea
And depths of the stars
Where dreams are made
And lost
And broken
Where logic is useless
And wishes
Dictate your fate
Listen to the whispers
From the clouds in the sky
They will tell you of the magic
Which is born in the center of the moon
Magic which flies freer than
The birds who soar
In golden air which is
Soft as feathers
And light as petals
Which fall in spring
Painting rainbows in the grass
Rainbows that compete
With paper-thin butterfly wings
That shine like diamonds
In the sun
(jealous all the while of jewel-inlaid
mermaid tails flipping through
water clear and aquamarine)
there is a secret forming there

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