April 5, 2011
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To know you can't fit in is a less mutual, but brutal feeling
To walk in the room & feel the heat from they're eyes, the temperature in the tension rising
As they rip away bits of who you are from how you're appealing,
They call it social peeling,
They find it so amusing to tear into your feelings & watch you crumble inside like a church filled with demons

The teasing, the bullying, can't understand the cruel intentions
The who, what, when is obvious but the why is confusing
Yet you're emotion could care less on the definition
It wants to take them to a burning house in the middle of a shark filled ocean & really teach them about prepositions
Just suffering,
A taste of an effect of their terrorizing

Still it's impossible to just know the hurt of a man

A father swearing he gonna come see you every next weekend
But for 14 years there's never been enough weekends
Both grandma & her daughter been working hard slaving
So good grades & fake smiling are you're tokens of appreciation
Cause you're gonna do what you have to do
But there's more distractions than there is uplifting
Why does it happen?


How can you say nothing at all & be the center of attention?
The topic of discussion? The social attacking reasoning?
Is it wrong to be different than the rest of the population?
Everyone has to think prime, there's no solution to the average thought pollution
You can only level ones self-esteem
& be patient for not everything stays the way it seems
A boost of confidence & vision is the only way to reach your dreams
You're the one & only contractor,

Don't let em break your beams

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