May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I can’t stop it
Writhing within me
Dark sultry tendrils
Swirl and tempt
Wrapping gently around
My lustful, fleshy heart
Throbbing, pulsing
They tighten slowly
I am gasping, begging
For breath, for blood
To flow freely
Searching incessantly for release
There is none
The stench has reached my nostrils
It reeks of familiarity
Shaking and more and more afraid
I lurch, grasping at something, anything
To help me find air
The sharp vines are cutting into the soft tissue
Of my life source
White excruciating pain
Floods my senses
Freeing me of all logic
I flail vainly in hope of some relief
This raw reality of mine
Is fading
Then nothing

The author's comments:
This is a description of how evil feels inside someone...
It could also be interpreted as Death taking a victim's life, possibly in the form of suicide

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