Puttin' Grief to Sleep

June 21, 2011
By thisbeautifulmiasma GOLD, Ferrum, Virginia
thisbeautifulmiasma GOLD, Ferrum, Virginia
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August face almond-colored, like skin 'round a mosquito bite
Playin' my violin on the back porch
One finger up, working to grab the sound
Wailin' like a starling in twilight
Pumpin' sorrow like oil
My brain's curtain from daytime.
Gettin' back in bed, like an oyster to the shell,
Wrappin' grief, like a hijab,
Thread throughout like blood in the vein.
Cleanse me of the sin, Lord, begin the carve.

The author's comments:
This poem was written during a poetry cafe. We quickly selected random words from a list and crafted lines around them, then selected another set and replaced the first selections with the second. This poem was the conglomeration of both versions.

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