Father's Day???

June 21, 2011
By Anonymous

When they say Happy Father’s Day

I say its not worth my time

When they he is so proud of me

I say I’ve only ever seen that look once

When they say he’s the best

I say say well I guess he’s not the worst

When they say I’m taking him out for lunch

I say I hope he doesn’t yell today

When they say I wish he was here

I say I wish he wasn’t

When they say he always good things to say

I say I hope he doesn’t call me names today

When they say He has done everything for me

I say he never really been there

When they say I love him

I say I wish he loved me

The author's comments:
This past Father's Day was really hard me because me and my dad don't get along at all and it was really hard to hear every body saying happy father's day and what they were going to do with there dad, or how wonderful he was. So I sat down and wrote and this is what came out

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