June 20, 2011
By SedaMayy GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
SedaMayy GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
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Tired of pretending,

Tired of ignoring my feelings,

Tired of acting blind,

To your actions,

Tired of pretending you and I have nothing.

You know it's there,

That tingling feeling in your toes,

That travels through your body,

Into your heart,

Sparking the fire,

And unleashing the flame,

But, somehow, you ignore it,

Pretend it's not there,

You put the flame out,

You kick dirt into it,

Wounding me further,

Salt in my cut,

I wonder why,

With all my heart and all my soul,


You never answer,

I plead and beg,

But in reply,

I get darkness and sorrow,

It is silent here,

I wish it weren't,

But it is,

Silent and dark,

Will we ever fix this mess were in?

Will we clean up our broken toys,

And hide them in the closet to be forgotten,

It's not our only choice but,

At this point I think it's the only one we can handle,

At least this will hurt only me,

At least you'll suffer no longer,

And the awkwardness will fade,

Into another life,

A distant past,

I know you'd rather not,

But I know it's the best choice,

I will survive,

I know this in my heart,

That you will survive too,

I know because we will do it,


Together we will escape all the pain of tomorrow,

Because we will be together,

And, while I know that we will ignore the fire,

I also know that it will still be there,

Burning bright,

Waiting for our return,

To fragile moments and awkward hugs,

It will wait for us,

Wait for us to put our differences apart,

Wait for us to realize,

That this rollercoaster is worth it,

Every corkscrew,

Every loop and every turn,

It's an endless ride,

But together,

We can learn to enjoy it,

And return to the fire,

For once and for all,


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