Forever In Love With You (Love)

June 20, 2011
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I sit here and wonder, lost in thought
If I’d think about you, will I get caught?
I watch the rain pour
You’re the one I adore
Don’t you see?
I beg my heart to bleed
One look at you, it skips a beat.

Do you love me?
Well maybe
In time
You’d realize
What we have is something special
Protected or not
It’s made to be fought for.

I’m to tired of pondering over the future
Fix my broken heart with your suture
Our love may not be visible
It’s too whole, to be divisible.

Love is a crazy thing
The happiness it brings
Overrides sadness overall
It just makes me want to fall
Head over heels, never dull
In love with you...

You give me a feeling
I’ve never felt before
Mixed emotions
Breathes love devotion
No one knows it better
Than we do
Because I am forever in love with you.

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