June 20, 2011
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How can you just sit there and act so calm? When your world is cracked into two separate shards. Like the Earth splitting into a deep fault. You act as if everything were fine. Is anything happening in your world? Is this real? Or are you just dreaming to yourself? You finally take a stand but you fall right back down. Never realizing that what you’re doing is wrong. You need to help. You need to get help. Please let me help you from this. Kept quiet for so long. It’s the girl who’s been hurt but will never tell. Scared of her secret ashamed to have locked it away. Eons go by not a single word said. And all of our eyes are tear stained red. Please… voice yourself. Strength. You need to have strength. Please be strong for me. Not for you anymore. For me…and for the others who will be hurt. Speak up. Be that voice in the crowd. Be the strong one. We can’t let this go untold.

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