June 20, 2011
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Twilight is here
I stand my ground but it doesn’t matter
The shadows approach growing in size and in strength
Soon they are upon me
I feel them wrap around
Until they creep into my heart

My soul is engulfed and I feel cold
I fight them but they whisper in my ear
They tell me of all the horrors in the world
They try to consume me

I refuse to accept defeat
I am me and they cannot take my identity
My life matters

A light ignites inside me that chases away the shadows
A light that I need to share with others
With my inner light I fight
With my inner light I prevail

But battling takes my energy and I feel alone
Then dawn breaks and I know god is fighting with me
Together we push back the dark and we reclaim the world
And all that is good returns to survive another day

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