June 20, 2011
is a b****
throws the biggest curve balls
tears us apart

bit by bit

until nothing is left
it diminishes the person inside

it makes us smaller and smaller

until nothing is left
then it gives us something great


from a person

a thing

a feeling
to bring us back

back to life

to breathing

to living

to loving
to everything we had and to more
it gives us something that makes the heart start beating again

pumping the life back into us

making us breathe
we marvel at the world around and say

"why did we want to leave in the first place?"
some people have fate hit them with destruction young

scarring them forever

leaving them with a haunting past




no love

they over come

they receive hope
others it takes time
some only lose little

only to get a glimpse at pain

to see few tears

then they come back

like nothing has ever happened
the best people

have fate surrounding them always

but never let it take over completely

they fall

the rise

they change the world
Fate is a funny thing-
it doesn't control
only change-

it gives

it takes

it watches

is an act of God (at times)

most of all

it waits

for the perfect moment

to change lives

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