Forbidden Fantasy

June 20, 2011
By Anonymous

its like a blade piercing through your chest, like a bullet penetrating through your heart. the pain seems infinite.our mind and body are consumed which seems like every moment of every day by a heartless soul.regrets approach and hatred is bewildered.ugh,just pure hatred it seems at the moment.There is still a thought that we will procure that heartless soul,but look at ourselves and wake up!its a forbidden fantasy....but do not blame the heartless soul....he is not heartless but incompetent,he does actually conceal a heart,but that heart belongs to someone else and we must learn to accept.don't fall back the pain will soon die..... you have a choice. To not love again or to not be a afraid to feel and love once more, because out there, another incompetent soul's heart belongs to you. so take the regrets as stepping stools and walk with your head high.redeem.

The author's comments:
This brief poem I wrote comes from personal teenage heartbreak. I used it as a way to relieve myself from the pain and also to akin with others who have gone through the same situation and help them cope as well.

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