A lone doe

June 19, 2011
There she is, the leader of the pack smiling viciously ready to attack and I'm standing there choked up and confused, she begins to throw words they cut, they bruise. The followers join in her sick attack she stands there still watching, the leader of the pack. Why do I deserve this? What did I do? Don't they understand what they put me through? I ask these questions day after day but it just continues, a game they like to play. Their twisted game only has one aim, to see me cry sad tears in my eyes. Every time the pack comes round, I tense up, I sputter, I nearly fall to the ground. They see a moment of weakness that's when they jump in their insults like punches making my head spin. My Friends tell me "ignore it" and "Its okay" but the packs words cut deeper everyday. I cant help it! What should I do? Who is there that I can turn to? My teachers, my parents they say they could understand, they say I should trust them, I don't think I can. So it just continues, the pack and their game, now I'm almost used to the horrible names. I put on a smile act like its okay, like my life isn't threatened day after day. So ask me about it, of course Ill lie! Later you wont be there when I cry, when I scream over and over that I want to die. please don't worry Ill be fine this problem is not yours its mine. But just know that its a sign if you see tears behind this smile that the pack came and hung round me for a while.

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lifeloveyou1919 said...
Jul. 5, 2011 at 8:32 pm
I fell the point your making. Very good. Love it! Keep writen
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